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  • Laura created an article,

    On Level 3, my target is to get less than 5 spikes. Why 5?

    The number of spikes you can have per day relates to how much weight you want to lose and how quickly. So for no weight loss it’s 5, slow weight loss it’s 3, and fast weight loss it’s 1 per day.

  • Laura created an article,

    How often should I update my moods?

    We're hoping to see some correlations with these and foods / sugar levels in the data over time, so please update whenever you notice it. But don’t worry if you don’t - the app will still work. Log...

  • Laura created an article,

    What are some hacks for reducing sugar spikes?

    The experiment ideas mentioned here are all potential hacks worth testing:  Also, as simple as it sounds, just going for a walk after dinner can reduce the spike significantly. You can also try to ...

  • Laura created an article,

    More experiment ideas?

    Have exactly the same food but changing just one variable: Glass of wine - how does it affect the time and the size of the spike? Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice before Cold shower before 5 min...

  • Laura created an article,

    What does the grey dots icon (where the score usually is) mean?

    It means we haven’t been able to calculate a score for the food. This is likely because there’s no sugar level data over that time. But if you do have sugar data over that time and it’s still not c...

  • Laura created an article,

    What is the blue bar at the bottom supposed to tell me?

    It shows you what foods are affecting your sugar levels right now. And so the blue bar shows how far through your system the food is.

  • Laura created an article,

    What are the best things to test over the two weeks?

    Roughly your most normal diet, but also: Individual snacks you’re curious about Foods that you love but avoid because you think they’re bad for you Foods you’ve been eating because you think they’...

  • Laura created an article,

    I always spike at breakfast…is there any breakfast that won’t spike me?

    A lot of people find that most of their breakfasts give them large spikes. Try something without grains / toast - for example, try omelettes, eggs, avocados, or also try yoghurt with your cereal in...

  • Laura created an article,

    What foods have the most noticeable variations between people?

    Fruits: some people get almost no spikes and some people get huge spikes. Though it seems almost everyone spikes from grapes 🤷 Berries: Try raspberries, strawberries and blueberries especially.Beer...

  • Laura created an article,

    Can you give me an example experiment?

    Sure, start by trying an experiment on your breakfast. Take 3 things you have as breakfast, eg muesli, toast and porridge, and also try some variations on them. In the first week you might try: mue...